Sanpete County UT Civil


Sanpete County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Ephraim Sanpete Ephraim
City of Fairview Sanpete Fairview
City of Fountain Green Sanpete Fountain Green North
City of Gunnison Sanpete Gunnison
City of Manti Sanpete Manti
City of Moroni Sanpete Moroni
City of Mount Pleasant Sanpete Mount Pleasant
City of Spring City Sanpete Spring City
Ephraim-Manti Division Sanpete Black Mountain
Gunnison Division Sanpete Gunnison
Mount Pleasant-Moroni Division Sanpete Mount Pleasant
Town of Centerfield Sanpete Gunnison
Town of Fayette Sanpete Gunnison
Town of Mayfield Sanpete Mayfield
Town of Sterling Sanpete Sterling
Town of Wales Sanpete Wales
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